Metallica The Prince Bass Tab (w/ Cliff Burton)

Learn The Prince by Metallica On Bass

metallica the prince bass tabs master of puppets cliff burton

Track info

Artist: Metallica

Song: The Prince (Diamond Head cover)

Album: Master of Puppets (1986) [reissue 2017, previously unreleased]

Bassist: Cliff Burton

Transcriber: Andriy Vasylenko

Tablature preview

Metallica The Prince bass tab preview (download below):
Metallica The Prince bass tab Master of Puppets free downloadDownload METALLICA THE PRINCE BASS TABS here [pdf + guitar pro]

Helpful videos

Videos to help you learn Metallica I Disappear on bass:

The Cliff Burton’s bass isolated as clear as current tech allows. Featuring the very tabs.

Actual The Prince recording, which was an unfinished (no vocals and solo) demo released on Master of Puppets latest reissue. There’s also a more known version with Jason Newsted, but that’s another story.

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