Rammstein Rammlied Bass Tab

How to Play Rammlied by Rammstein On Bass

rammstein liebe is fur alle da bass tabs

Track info

Artist: Rammstein

Song: Rammlied

Album: Liebe ist für alle da (2009)

Tuning: drop D (with string 5 down to A)

Bassist: Oliver Riedel

Transcriber: Andriy Vasylenko

Tablature preview

Rammstein Rammlied bass tab preview (download below):

Rammstein Rammlied bass tab free download


Download RAMMSTEIN RAMMLIED BASS TABS here [pdf + guitar pro]

Helpful videos

Videos to help you learn Rammstein Rammlied on bass:

Andriy Vasylenko (that’s the transcriber) covering ‘Rammlied’. Note that Oliver uses a 4-string bass live, whereas for the studio version he had a 5-string (the bridge required a low C, live he does that part an octave higher).

Rammstein performing ‘Rammlied’ live.

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