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[July 3, 2024]
The Call of Ktulu – Cliff’s original bass line!

– The tab you’ve been waiting for

[June 21, 2024]
NEW TABS: Anesthesia – Rob Trujillo’s 2013 Version
– Probably, the first such a tab on the web

[June 5, 2024]
EXCLUSIVE! Metallica Kill Em All Bass Only
– All Cliff Burton’s tracks isolated

[May 20, 2024]
NEW BASS TABS: Metallica ’72 Seasons’ (Entire Album)
– All the 12 songs transcribed

[May 12, 2024]
NEW BASS TAB: The Call of Ktulu (S&M version by Jason Newsted)
– Possibly, the most accurate tab on the web

[May 8, 2024]
Welcome Our New BASS TABS Hub!
– Metallica + more

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