Pain Party In My Head Bass Tab

Learn Party In My Head by Pain On Bass

Pain Party In My Head bass tab

Track info

Artist: Pain

Song: Party In My Head

Album: I Am (2024)

Bassist: Peter Tägtgren

Transcriber: Andriy Vasylenko

Tablature preview

Pain Party In My Head bass tab preview (download below):

Pain Party In My Head bass tab free downloadDownload PAIN PARTY IN MY HEAD BASS TABS here [pdf + guitar pro]

Helpful videos

Videos to help you learn Pain Party In My Head on bass:

Andriy Vasylenko’s (that’s the transcriber) ‘Party In My Head’ bass cover. Down a whole step (lowest is A). Originally played with a pick.

Pain perfroming ‘Pain Party In My Head’ live, with close-ups on the bassist (althouhg, the studio recording’s all done by the frontman).

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