Welcome to BassTabs.org!

This is a project by a musician and youtuber Andriy Vasylenko. Here are being collected the bass tabs he makes, mostly metal and where bass is cool (and often the ones you won’t find proper tabs for on the web).

What this is

Andriy has been transcribing bass since 2010. Among notable projects was Total Cliff – all Metallica songs with Cliff Burton tabbed. Unfortunately, the majority of the older tabs were lost. On the other hand, this is an opportunity to revisit them. And this is the place where all the bass tabs find home and can be downloaded for free. Most of them have supporting videos, including Andriy playing the songs himself. Consider it a sort of a tabs blog.

For Whom the Tabs Are

The project’s oriented to help primarily beginner and intermediate bassists. The advanced usually won’t need tabs anyway, their ear is already trained enough to figure out the parts themselves.

Transcription Style

Tablature notation can display a lot of things, it’s basically all classic music notation offers plus fret numbers. The tabs on the website focus on the essential aspects of music and perfomance for less clutter and more convenience, based on actual user experience and feedback. Extra text notes will clarify some hard or peculiar moments.

Formats Available

At this time, the bass tabs come in three file formats: gp (latest Guitar Pro versions), gpx (Guitar Pro 6, in case someone’s hasn’t upgraded), pdf (for those who don’t use GP). The sheets are designed to be read- and print-friendly. We’re open to your suggestions regarding that and anything else.

User policy

The bass tabs here are free and for personal use and educational purposes only. No reuploading elsewhere is allowed without the tabbers’s permission. No copyright infringement on the original recordings the tabs are based on. The transcriptions are the transcriber’s personal interpretation of the parts, done using his ear, experience, tabbing preferences, and paid licensed software.

If you have any ideas or questions, feel free to contact. And join our newsletter to stay updated of new tabs and exclusive stuff.

And, of course, enjoy playing \m/