Faith No More Ashes to Ashes Bass Tab

How to play Ashes to Ashes by Faith No More On Bass

Track info

faith no more ahes to ashes bass tab

Artist: Faith No More

Song: Ashes to Ashes

Album: Album of the Year (1997)

Bassist: Billy Gould

Transcriber: Andriy Vasylenko

Tablature preview

Faith No More Ashes to Ashes bass tab preview (download below):

Download FAITH NO MORE ASHES TO ASHES BASS TABS here [pdf + guitar pro]

Helpful videos

Videos to help you learn Faith No More Ashes to Ashes on bass:

Andriy Vasylenko’s (that’s the transcriber) ‘Labyrinth’ bass cover. Originally played with a pick.

Faith No More performing ‘Ashes to Ashes’ live.

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